Academic Resume Free Google Docs Template


Take a step towards your dream life and use this Academic Resume Free Google Docs Template instead. Each of us has faced employment problems at least once in our lives. Unfortunately, today’s demand for specialists does not at all meet the requirements of the supply. After all, for one vacant position, there are usually more than ten people who consider themselves competent in this field. To maximize your chances of achieving a particular goal, we present this Academic Resume Free Google Docs Template.

This template’s neat and structured design allows you to showcase your academic credentials, including degrees, awards, scholarships, and relevant coursework. You can also showcase your research projects, publications, presentations, and other scholarly activities in a clear and concise format. The perfect combination of simple, classic shades of white, black, and gray creates an incredible picture of professionalism. This will definitely surprise your employers!

Whether you’re applying for an internship, graduate school, fellowship, or academic position, this template will help you present yourself in the best possible light. Remember – it is your friend who will try to help in difficult times. Use the convenient Google Docs editor to customize the template to suit your academic background and career goals. You can discover this and other templates on various topics on the website