Free Templates for Google Docs

Use free and easily editable online templates for Google Docs. Created with love by amazing artists and professional designers. The templates we provide can be used for free for business, educational and personal purposes. Open gdoc template in Google Docs or Google Sheets, edit and print or share digitally. You can also download the template and edit it in Microsoft Word or macOS Pages.


Use editable free templates for business, educational and personal use.

Google Docs Templates is a versatile tool for solving business and personal tasks that can save you dozens of hours. The team focused on creating free templates for Google Docs for a number of reasons. Firstly, Google Docs is absolutely free and available to most Internet users. Secondly, Google documents has become widespread in educational institutions and is taught to use it in schools. Thirdly, the Google Docs interface is quite native and even without special training it will not take much time to master. Thus, the online word processor from Google Doc has become the perfect service for editing our template designs.

A template is a one-click editable styled document that allows you to focus on bringing your idea to life. So anyone can create a document based on their needs using ready-made templates from our collection.

An ever-growing library of ready-made designs.

Our creative content and design team is hard at work building our template collection. The main goal of our company is to create a universal solution that can be used in business, education, and everyday life by any person. Our templates are based on business trends and an analysis of our audience's needs. Taking into account all the requests of our audience is always a priority for us.

How can Google Templates help a business?

Of course, businesses today face many daily challenges. One of these tasks is working with contractors. Businesses require regular invoices for payments. If you want your invoices to look professional, you can use one of our Google Docs templates.

Our Google Docs Business Card Templates will surely help you look presentable. They are available for editing in a couple of clicks online. All you need is to edit the contact details, names and positions of your employees.

Meeting Agenda templates will be useful for you to successfully coordinate employees at meetings. They will allow you to plan work for a day or a week in advance. You can record the agreements reached at the meeting by editing the Planner template in Google Docs and printing it out for the employees who participated in the meeting.

We are working on expanding our collection of free Google Docs templates every day. Thus, it will help cover more business tasks and help businesses become more efficient.

Why is free Google Docs more convenient than graphic editors?

Most graphic and online editors require special skills to create and edit templates. Additionally, the cost of such solutions is a significant factor. For a large business, these costs may seem insignificant. But this can be a significant burden on the budget of young startups and educational projects for students. The Google Docs templates provided on are free and do not require royalty payments.