Free School Announcement Google Docs Templates

Use free editable school announcement templates in Google Docs. Get one of our educational announcement templates to easily inform students about upcoming events. At the beginning of the school year, a new teacher can use an announcement to tell a little about himself and the necessary information on how to prepare for the first meeting with the teacher. The teacher can print out an announcement with the class rules and hang it next to the entrance so that every student can familiarize himself with the rules. Tell students about upcoming events and travels with the class by editing one of our Google Docs templates.

Why are our Google Docs templates free?

Well-made design certainly improves the perception of information by a person. And this allows the person to better understand the essence of the message that you want to convey. The team believes that with our amazing templates we help teachers solve their small work tasks and save time. Subsequently, they will have more time for teaching. And we are happy to provide our templates absolutely free for a good cause.

How to easily prepare a template for printing?

All our templates are created by experienced designers in graphic editors and carefully transferred to Google Docs. By opening any template in Google Docs, you can easily change the text, move objects in accordance with your wishes and idea of beauty. Then just send it to print (File > Print) and you’re done. All templates are ready to print and do not require customization.

What educational institutions are our templates suitable for?

Absolutely for all educational institutions, starting from kindergarten, ending with universities. We have named this category School Announcements to group all the educational templates into one single category. Therefore, the collection will cover a wide variety of topics and directions in order to provide students with a variety of forms of information.