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Homemade Cake Price List Free Google Docs Template


The Homemade Cake Price List is a free Google Docs template available on gdoc.io. Increasingly, people are beginning to take care of their health. So they want to be sure that they are eating healthy food. As a result, homemade cakes and other handmade products are becoming more and more popular. But to communicate your benefits and pricing more effectively, you simply need some sort of structured list. That is why we have prepared this Homemade Cake Price List Free Google Docs Template for you. It will allow you to provide complete transparency and the ability to select a cake that suits your client’s tastes and budget.

Excellent appearance, which has clear advantages – minimalism and modernity. Also, it consists of 2 pages, as a result of which, you can easily integrate additional information or images, if necessary. On the first page, there is a photo of a delicious and delicate cake, it perfectly emphasizes the theme of your establishment. Additionally, the name is accentuated by a slender white frame. On the main section, there is the price list itself. The white background makes the text stand out perfectly and goes well with images of delicious pastries. For convenience, we have divided it into distinct categories (classic, lemon pies, chocolate, etc.).

If you’re looking to offer a distinct service and provide a warm welcome to your customers, this option is ideal for you. What’s more, you have the flexibility to customize its appearance whenever you please. You can seamlessly incorporate additional photos, include more information or even add your own logo. It’s all up to your desires and preferences. The convenient Google Docs editor is the perfect tool for achieving this. To access a collection of fantastic templates at no cost, simply visit the gdoc.io website.