Simple Packing Slip Free Google Docs Template


Use the free and easy to edit online Simple Packing Slip Free Google Docs Template. Retailers, businessmen, freelancers, all of them have one thing in common – the desire to qualitatively develop their business. Many people set just such a goal, but unfortunately, they cannot achieve it due to a number of reasons. One of the main obstacles along the way is that entrepreneurs only care about themselves and what kind of check they will receive from one client. Entire corporations collapse because of this kind of thinking. In order to gradually but surely develop your business and increase profits, you should create ultra comfortable conditions for your customers. For this, you should use the Simple Packing Slip Free Google Docs Template.

The simple appearance of this template will allow it to be used in many types of businesses or retailers. Classic brown color, goes well with a white background and black text. Despite its simplicity, the template has a huge pile of useful information. At the top there is a place where you can write the slogan of the company and its name. Below, there is a list in which you need to write down information about the recipient (address, number, fax, name). Also, you can post full information about the expected delivery (Receipt Date, Order Number, Purchase Order). Additionally, there is a structured table at the bottom of the template that refers to a customer’s order (Product, Description, Unit type, Order Quantity, Ship Quantity, Total Price).

This template will be a great addition to your company and will make the experience more enjoyable for customers. In addition, you can easily edit it. For example, add your company logo, change the table shape, text, add creative images of your products, etc. It is better to use the Google Docs online editor or similar in functionality. For additional awesome packing slip templates, check out