Travel Checklist Free Google Sheets & Excel Template


We are excited to introduce our latest offering – a fantastic and Free Travel Checklist Google Sheets Template. It is perfect for online use and customization. Holidays with your family or friends will definitely benefit most of us. After all, going on a trip allows us to genuinely take a break from pressing problems. But in order to be as relaxed as possible during the trip and not be distracted by minor problems, you just need to prepare well for the tour. That is why we have prepared this travel checklist free Google Sheets template.

The appearance of this template is great for both family and personal use. The title stands out from the main text perfectly thanks to the thin border and the “Arial” font. The image of a large, fabulous city next to the name forms a natural association with the concept of travel. One of the most striking advantages of this template is that it consists of two parts (For Him / For Her). This will allow you to make a summary several times more efficient. Moreover, the template organizes each column into specific categories (electronics, clothing, food, documents, etc.). Thanks to this detailed division, you will be able to conduct a more thorough preparation.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a hiking trip, or a long-awaited vacation, this template will be your go-to package guide. Other than that, it’s great for any type of editing. It all depends on your free time and preferences. For example, you can integrate additional blocks, change the background, add new images, etc. For this, a simple online editor Google Sheets is perfect. On the site, you can find many interesting templates that are suitable for use in everyday life or at work.