Newspaper Article Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easily editable online Newspaper Article Template for Google Docs. Often, those who publish their newspapers and follow the analytics can see how the popularity of their publications begins to decline. According to statistics, all this is not due to uninteresting content. It happens because of the bored look of the newspaper, which readers simply got tired of. Therefore, we have developed for you this Newspaper Article Free Google Docs Template. This newspaper will definitely help you win back the interest of your readers.

The original template consists of:
– Fascinating style of a modern newspaper;
– Three-column strip for advertising or preview on the main and final page;
– Four columns for articles, quotes, reviews, etc.;
– Photos of different formats, as well as orientations;
– Date and issue number.

Use the original newspaper, or change the entire template to suit your individual style in Google Docs. Also, you can easily print this template or continue using it online. Moreover, in the newspapers section of, there are a huge number of templates that can help you. Save the site to your bookmarks to use our newspaper templates on an ongoing basis.