Simple 6 Day Vacation Itinerary Free Google Docs Template


Stop running away from stressful situations and finally say “STOP” to stress using this Simple 6 Day Vacation Itinerary Free Google Docs Template. Daily problems that accompany us at every corner, from working in a stuffy office or problems in a team, to an ever-evolving routine. Often, this causes many travel problems that completely spoil the perception of life and make it more gray. We want you to be able to spend your holiday actively and add new shades to your life. So that’s why we have prepared this Simple 6 Day Vacation Itinerary Free Google Docs Template for you.

The designers did a great job on this itinerary, creating a template with many structured cells. This also makes it more convenient to use. The upper part will allow you to write down the topic, indicate the place of travel, and the length of the tour. The main part is divided into six days, in the form of small tables. In each of them, there is a time frame where you can write down all your tasks and plans. Moreover, you can even jot down the silliest and funniest ideas that your brain can generate next to it. The combination of white background shades with green cells makes it visually more attractive.

Make any trip more exciting and confidently step into the world of adventures and wild parties. Use this template for hot beaches as well as cool forest lakes. Make your own changes to its structure and fill it with all the necessary details that will motivate you in the future. Use a simple editor like Google Docs for this and other tasks. Do everything possible to fill your life with new colors of joy and happiness. In addition, the website will be an excellent helper on this path.