Event Itinerary Free Google Docs Template


Get a free and easy-to-edit online Google Docs event itinerary template. Holidays, parties, events – this is perhaps the best thing you can think of for a fun pastime. After all, it is at such events that we can meet our love, find a person to whom we can speak out, get a huge range of emotions and more. But to make your event as famous as possible and attract a large number of people, you should definitely use this free Google Docs event itinerary template.

The peculiarity of this template lies in its design. Soft and unobtrusive tones go well with a simple white background. Images of fresh palm leaves look harmoniously together with painted flowers, a bottle of champagne and a glass. The main part of the template includes important information, which contains all the details of your event. The template perfectly highlights all the dates and the reason for the party (birthday). Next, you can see a structured list. It consists of separate events. In each cell, the time is recorded and what will happen during this period. This will allow your guests to be aware of all upcoming events, while each of them will be able to choose the moment in which he wants to be present.

Tell your area, city, or country about an upcoming event with this template. It is perfect for this. Also, with a strong desire, you can take a few minutes of your time and easily edit this template. For example, you can integrate some image here, make a background in pastel colors, add your photo or just change the text. On gdoc.io you can find a lot of cool templates that you can use absolutely free.